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05 Nov,2012

This Day, Last Year

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November 5 was a holiday, but on Nov 4, we had fairly comprehensive coverage of AdAsia. And also our commentary on Press Council chairman M Katju’s outbursts.


Video Report: The ‘AdAsian’ experience


AdAsia wrap-up by Ajay Kakar: Memories from a distant past


Mediaah! Katju ko bolo katli maaro, says NBA


Hard Knocks: Sadly, Mr Katju may have a point


Writing, Faber-Castell style


Read of the Day

Why David Mitchell finds the story of the Star Wars franchise unsettling.


And the Cracked version. Of course.


Plus a bonus on that thing everyone is doing…


Chuckle of the Day

Tweet Of The Day

Lynn de Souza ‏@lynndesouza: never had a kid, but for what it’s worth, I think Aishwarya Rai is a much better role model for Indian women achievers than Marissa Mayer


Lk Gupta ‏@Lk_Gupta: On the front page of today’s ToI (the real front page), an ad proclaims “Don’t get influenced by ads”. Oh, the irony!


Seema Goswami ‏@seemagoswami: Dear PR person (whom I do not know), don’t first name me until I ask you to. It’s over-familiar, bordering on rude…


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