‘Real action is something that transcends language barriers’ – Anamika Mehta, COO, Lodestar UM

18 Nov,2012

Anamika Mehta, COO, Lodestar UM, believes that the element of thrill ‘takes you to a different world away from the mundane and daily humdrum’. And her definition of a thrilling moment is ‘where you feel you are in space not earth!’

In conversation with Ritu Midha of MxM India, she discusses her thrill moments in life and more…


What has been the most pulse racing experience of your life?

Plenty of them with diverse emotions – joy, laughter, fear, tears!


Do you remember being part of a thrilling escapade as a child? What would that be? 

As a five-year old being stuck in the middle of a frozen Indus river in Ladhakh in minus 36 degree temperature in an army truck for over 24 hours!


Which of the extreme sports makes you sit on the edge? Or is it murder mysteries? 

Rafting in Grade 4 rapids.


What has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far? 

With a life in a media agency in a country like ours – each day is an adventure and a roller coaster ride to the core – perhaps more than an extreme sport! So oodles of exciting moments…and tough to pick the topmost. So the first one – as a two-week old in media making a strategy presentation!


In another direction, why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with element of thrill?

It takes you to a different world away from the mundane and the daily humdrum.


Do you believe that in today’s generation even females are getting more adventurous? 

It is definitely more acceptable for Indian women to be seen riding a bike today than was 10 years back for sure. So acceptance of women seeking/viewing thrilling action is growing.


What are the key entertainment sources for men in India? 

TV is the biggest probably followed by friends and movies


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi? 

True and Real Action is something that everyone understands and transcends language barriers…but definitely if the context and language is familiar the engagement is higher.


Would Hindi Action TV be viewed by lower SECs? 

Action has been our staple – look at the popularity of typical Hindi movie action which cuts across classes. So the answer would be all across rather than lower SEC as long as there is no compromise on quality of content.


Lastly, what is your definition of thrill? 

That moment where you feel you are in space not earth!


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