‘Movie action has surely taken a leap’ – Ajit Varghese, Managing Director – South Asia, Maxus

18 Nov,2012

Ajit Varghese, Managing Director – South Asia, Maxus believes that life would be boring and predictable like machines if the element of excitement was missing in it.

He opens up to Ritu Midha of MxMIndia on the experiences that bring in an element of thrill in life and at workplace.


Do nail biting finishes excite you, or do they make you feel nervous?

Nail biting finishes are always exciting. The rush of adrenalin, the unpredictability, the challenge and the feeling of time well spent is always amazing. Don’t think I can say I am not nervous, it would be the high of emotions and expectation of something – seeing or delivering a difference which is more exciting.


What has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far?

Lots of exciting moments… The new business wins, new innovations and meetings… some tough KPI’s in a difficult year is all so much fun. But the one which was most exciting was the Vodafone roadblock when it happened in 2007. The speed, the audacity and reactions from the industry all made the moment very exciting. The other big high is when Maxus started to consistently emerge as no.1 agency in most award functions. It always gave me a high of achieving the status of doing “best in class” work for clients – years of hard work put in by our team has made it happen.


What would the life be for you if there was no thrill in it?

Boring and predictable – like machines!


Moving to people in general, do Indian men look for entertainment only in movies and cricket?

To a large extent I would agree! Though I would like to believe its sports than just cricket… It’s only because India doesn’t play well or have big stars or athletes in non cricket sports that we end up worshiping cricket too much.


Would you say Action TV has come of age in India? What is missing?

Not really. Except a few shows, haven’t seen big action in this space. Movie action has surely taken a leap but it’s nowhere reflected on the smaller screen.


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi?

Not really. It’s more about quality of Indian players, facilities and Indians in the action that will help than the language issue.


Would Hindi Action TV be viewed by lower SECs?

Possibly yes.


Is thrill/adventure missing in Indian ads?

Completely agree.


Why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with element of thrill?

Sheer rush of adrenalin, expect the unexpected and difference from the usual.


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