Jaldi 5 with Vasant Gokhale, Head, Mobile Services, ABP

01 Nov,2012

Vasant Gokhale

The Ananda Bazar Patrika Group recently announced its digital offerings for non-resident Bengalis. Though three months old, the platform is already gaining traction. MxM India caught up with Vasant Gokhale, Head, Mobile Services, ABP Pvt Ltd to know more.

 01. The digital offering is targeted at non-resident Bengalis. Is Indian market not ready for such platforms?

We have plans to eventually reach to that point. The back-end plans are already at work. Also, we have our digital websites that are live currently in India. So, we have enough content here online for the resident Bengalis. We will launch the digital offering on same scale in India within this financial year.

2. What are your subscription models?

We have two subscription models. One is, standard that is offered for $5 per month and then we have exclusive premium content.

03. How has been the response from advertisers?

We do not have advertising options on the My Anandabazar Mobile App on iOS. Current focus is to increase paid subscriptions for overseas market. We already have over 1000 active subscribers MoM without spending a dime on marketing, and once we reach the critical numbers, advertising options can be looked at.

04. What will be the marketing strategy?

We will launch a robust marketing plan shortly. We have acquired the current subscriber base all on hearsay, and without spending a penny.

5. When do you plan to break-even with the digital property?

All I would like to say is that we are on track as far as investment and other targets are concerned.


As told to Ananya Saha 


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