Jaldi 5 with Naresh Gupta: ‘Growth from new geographies beyond Indian borders’

22 Nov,2012

The six-month-old creative agency Bang In the Middle has recently opened its office in Kolkata. For the new territory it has appointed Meenakshi Sen as Managing Partner on board. Led by Prathap Suthan and Naresh Gupta, the agency has big plans.


Naresh Gupta, CSO, Managing Partner at Bang in the Middle, talks to MxM India about the new market.


01. How big is the Kolkata market for Bang in the Middle, and what scope does it present to a new agency?

We expect Kolkata to be a significant contributor to our operations. Kolkata is a fairly challenging market for most agencies, and will be a big challenge for a new start up agency. We believe that there are brands in Kolkata who have traditionally looked at the few large agencies to be interested in our offering


02. What clients is the Kolkata office going to cater to?

We are currently in conversation with a host of clients; we should be able to announce the clients shortly.


03. What are the unique challenges that Kolkata as a market presents?

Every market is a challenge, Kolkata is a unique challenge. Kolkata is not a large market say like Mumbai, but is a fairly significant market with its own demands. Kolkata has a host of heritage and new age brands from across categories and they do need modern cutting edge advise on the whole gamut of communication.


04. How different will your approach be here?

We marry the traditional with new age. We leverage our understanding of mainline brand building and then also craft the new media strategy to offer our brands a singular brand proposition that is truly media agnostic. We expect to offer the same services to our clients in Kolkata.


05. After Gurgaon and Kolkata, what is the next stop for Bang in the Middle?

There are new opportunities we are exploring. The new phase of growth will come from new geographies beyond Indian borders and from newer ideas!


As told to Ananya Saha


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