Jaldi 5 with Divya Radhakrishnan: If you haven’t seen the Bad how can you acknowledge the Good

02 Nov,2012

When veteran media agency honcho Divya Radhakrishnan decided to start Helios last year, there were no doubts about the success of her venture. Her experience in the agency business and her connects in the media are well-known. Yesterday, Helios completed a year of existence, and as a media entity which has just celebrated a year in the business, at MxMIndia, we understand the feeling. We asked Ms Radhakrishnan, founder-CEO of the Helios, a few questions on the year that was.


01.   How has the year been for Helios?

It has been a year of discoveries every single day. After all we ventured into a relatively new format i.e. a speciality advisory service across various spaces to broadcasters so a substantial part of the year was spent seeding the concept in the  market and continues to be so. Setting up of our infrastructure i.e. team in full force (30) and offices across 4 metros  has also been an adventure of sorts. Besides of course all the standard issues faced by start ups. But, all in all, a great year.


02.   The year has been hit by a slowdown… as you look back, good time to start out?

Absolutely, it has been relatively slow this year but if you haven’t seen the Bad how can you acknowledge the Good? Getting inducted into the facets of business among adversities brings out the best in you!


03.   You have had a mixed bag of clients… could you share some specific highs in the last year?

MTunes HD India’s first Bollywood channel in HD has had a great beginning with us. The channel stands tall as a leader in the youth and urban space, hence have managed to build a brand that is now a serious contender in the music space. As far as sales is concerned the proof of the pudding is in the eating as AdEx bears testimony we have managed to give sleepless nights to established players in the segment.


04.   Are media organisations willing to share critical functions like – ad sales, marketing, advertising, etc, or do they prefer to keep it to themselves since they finally contribute to the success of an organisation? 

There are many obvious fall-outs of the plethora of TV channels that have emerged in India, but a very pertinent one is the need for multiple specializations to be housed with every broadcaster. Limited talent resources and high value investments are being channelized to develop content and ensuring distribution. Hence there is an evident need gap for an ancillary service provider for the channels There is a requirement of a professional set up with an experienced set of specialists having the right skill-sets and expertise, taking charge of specific requirements from the channels Providing them with the best talent in the industry as outside resources, Helping the channels maintain their internal costs/ resource balance and healthier bottomlines in the process


Yes, it has not been so easy however in the last couple of months that we have actually started pitching for business other than those we already had on board, we have had some positive responses based on the way in which we have projected the offerings. The media organisations are warming up to the same


05.   What next… what are your targets for the following year?

The efforts that we have put in seeding this concept in the market is surely materialising into some major new business wins for us, which you will hear from us shortly. Also these wins are all encompassing, that is besides Ad Sales, Content Advisory & Creation, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Digital, Social Media and Research


Any chance of expanding your portfolio to media planning, which is personally your core specialisation?




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