India TV’s new trade campaign

14 Nov,2012

By A Correspondent


India TV has come up with a unique communication to further reinforce its leadership position in the Hindi News genre. The campaign, which is constructed to communicate countrywide reach and varied viewership of India TV, is unique in more ways than one.


“Bharat Se India Tak”, as the name suggests, will talk about India TV’s ability to crossover to the right audiences across length and breadth of the nation; audiences that are worthy target groups for a wide array of national & international brands trying to reach out to the vast and rapidly evolving Indian market. India TV has planned a highly innovative execution to communicate this proposition and it is sure to catch the attention of the entire industry.


India & Bharat, the two words are usually used to emphasize the rural-urban divide in our great nation – where India cues genteel, urbane and upwardly mobile even as Bharat connotes the rustic and perhaps backward hinterland. Of course, reality is scarcely that simple and beneath the superficial contrasts, there are strong linkages that bind the two together. India TV, as this campaign reveals, is one such common denominator. Looking forward, it is critical that this exaggerated segregation be retired and this campaign takes a step in the in the direction of unequivocally asserting, “Bharat or India – We are one people.”


The campaign reminds stakeholders of India TV’s history of consistent leadership, in the towering skylines of metropolitan India – the great cities of Delhi and Mumbai that are home to a vast consumer base with high disposable incomes. At the same time, it talks about channel’s loyal and committed viewership in the rapidly transforming prosperous interiors of the country where burgeoning incomes are creating millions of first generation consumers eager to embrace new lifestyles and experiences.


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