‘High payoffs on success making the risk worthwhile’ – Ruby Bana, Chief Strategy Officer, Madison

18 Nov,2012

For Ruby Bana, Chief Strategy Officer, Madison Communications Pvt Ltd ‘every pitch is a series of excitements’. In her conversation with Ritu Midha, she shares her recipe of ‘Thrill Cocktail’.


Do nail biting finishes excite you, or do they make you feel nervous?

They are indeed exciting.


As a professional what has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far?

As strategy head, every pitch is a series of excitements one after another – recently Madison’s streak at the Emvies was exciting too.


What would life be for you if there was no element of thrill in it?

Life is what you make of it, right?


Moving to people in general, do Indian men look for entertainment only in movies and cricket?

Not true.


Would you say Action TV has come of age in India? What is missing?

There is still a long way to go.


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi?

Yes, of course.


Would Hindi Action TV be viewed by lower SECs?

It will be broad-based for sure. Action content from ‘out of India’ is still much stronger than the stuff we have here.


Is thrill/adventure missing in Indian ads?

No unlike in content, it is not missing in ads.


Why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with an element of thrill?

It’s simple – the pace of the story/content requires increased focus so the viewing is more intense but not necessarily more involved.


Lastly, what is your definition of thrill?

Mix of the following components builds the thrill cocktail:

a. Something extraordinary (not done, not explored)

b. Uncertain outcome… it’s risky.

c. High payoffs on success making the risk worthwhile

d. Expands the limits of human potential…. brings out the god in us.


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