He was a Bindaas cartoonist: Hemant Morparia

19 Nov,2012

By Hemant Morparia


Bal Thackeray was a very good cartoonist. He was not a neutral cartoonist… as in his cartoons would not take a view on all and sundry. They were ideological, and hence always took a very strong view.


He may not have been a great cartoonist, but was a very good cartoonist and had a great sense of humour. Some of these were very sharp and pungent.


If you compare him to others of his ilk, he was more direct. Because he was ideological, less subtle and more hard-hitting. They were, as they say in Mumbai, Bindaas.


His drawing style was excellent. Many of the cartoonists – Thackeray, R K Laxman, Vikas Sabnis and including Raj Thackeray – followed the British cartoonist David Lowe style.


It is incorrect for one to compare two cartoonists. RK Laxman, his contemporary, may have been better, but Thackeray was more direct and blunt. Like he was in his personal and professional life.


But for me, Thackeray was a cartoonist’s delight. He was my favourite subject. I may have drawn over a  hundred 100 cartoons on him, all of them in mainstream publications.


Some of these were very aggressive, but I was never really scared that someone will come and attack me, assuming that some professional courtesy.


Hemant Morparia is a well-known editorial cartoonist, living in Mumbai. He draws a daily pocket cartoon for Mumbai Mirror amongst a variety of Indian and international publications.


The cartoon published along with the article appeared in Mumbai Mirror on Sunday, November 19. Published here with the permission of Mr Morparia


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