FoxyMoron asks Femina readers to slow down

22 Nov,2012

By A Correspondent


In an attempt to shut off from the streams of opinions at Twitter, unceasing parade of people living their lives in fast-forward on Facebook, to enjoy life and to relive the great moments without rushing, Femina roped in Foxymoron for their digital campaign.


Femina’s anniversary issue, which hit the stands in November, celebrates slowing down, choosing the scenic route and taking a deep breath. Tanya Chaitanya, the editor of Femina, said, “Exhale! Femina’s anniversary issue tells you to do just that. In a world where time is at a higher premium than real estate, it’s smart to invest time in yourself — to find a hobby, to catch up with friends, read all the books in your bucket list… Femina’s 53rd anniversary issue asks you to relax, revel, recharge.” Soela Joshi, brand publisher, Femina, added, “The issue won’t tell you how to make more time; you’re already a pro at it. But it has a few ideas for what you can do with all that time you’ve saved up from years of rushing around.”


Aiding Femina in communicating this message was the digital agency, FoxyMoron. Starting November 14, FoxyMoron brought this message alive on the digital platform via an innovative and comprehensive campaign on a variety of mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Harshil Karia, Founder & Online Strategist at FoxyMoron, said, “The brief was about rewinding and going back in time. Femina creates digital campaign for its every issue. This time, however since it was the anniversary special, we created the campaign in three phases. The first phase asked the women to switch off from browsing the internet, women to make time and enjoy the smaller pleasures of life and unwind. The second phase was about completing the story wherein, Femina released two lines, which started to a story. Fans, followers and pinners continued that story from there and take it forward to their desired end.” A new story was released every day, According to Karia, this gave the readers a chance to ponder and do something they always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for.


The third phase is yet to come. Femina will be running a contest on its digital channels that ask women to express a moment in their life that they wish they could rewind and relish. And three lucky winners chosen by Femina will be given the chance of a lifetime to actually relive that special moment that they did not do justice to the first time around.


The contest targeted at 25-40-year-olds has garnered fantastic response, according to Karia. He said, “On the first day of the campaign, about 650 women took part. We had a special application built around this campaign, which helped us to create higher engagement rate. Till date, we have received about 600 stories asking to relive the moment. “The content performed well for the brand,” he asserted. The 15-day campaign will end on November 30 as Femina gets ready for the next issue.


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