Final countdown for Effies 2012

27 Nov,2012


By Ananya Saha


Effies 2012 is drawing to to a close with the second round of judging held in Gurgaon (NCR). The last leg of second round is scheduled for November 29 in Mumbai. The 12th edition of Effie has shortlisted 128 entries from 20 agencies. The 2012 edition boasts of two new categories: Direct Marketing and Ongoing Campaign apart from sharpened categories of David vs Goliath and Integrated Category.


Ajay Kakar

Ajay Kakar, Chairperson – EFFIE Committee and the Vice President of The Advertising Club said, “This year we have surprised ourselves. We received 357 entries from 50 agencies, up from 300 entries last year. We have introduced Round 2 in Delhi. Last year, we only had Round 1 in Delhi.”  Effies boasts of being known to measure effectiveness, from the viewpoint of the client and agency. “And 120 judges from who’s who from media, marketing and advertising will be judging with a bit more than 50% of judges being clients.” The judges and Effies Committee is also kicked about online judging, “It not only saves paper but also helps the judges to take their time,” Mr Kakar said.


N Rajaram

The judges were also upbeat about Delhi hosting second round of the judging process. N Rajaram, CMO, Airtel Center said, “The second round of Effies held in Delhi effectively recognizes that fact that clients based out of Delhi has increased significantly. It is a good step in the right direction.” Anil Dua, Sr VP – Sales and Marketing said, “This edition of Effies has been unique since it is IT-enabled. It brings out the efficiency as a judge, and helps us to judge efficiently.” Bipin Pandit, Chief Operating Officer, The Advertising Club, called Effies the coveted affair.



Shashi Sinha
Shashi Sinha

Though shy to talk for Delhi since he belongs to the Board of Effies, Shashi Sinha, President, The Advertising Club, noted that the participation in Effies had increased significantly in the past five years with lot of marketing and senior advertising professionals becoming part of this year’s edition. Bindu Sethi, chief strategy officer, India, JWT, said, “There is a good mix of representation from from Delhi and Mumbai. The quality of entries has also got better. It is fun judging such campaigns on effectiveness.” She also remarked about how the paperless judging made it easier for the judges to refer back to the case studies to make an informed decision


Satbir Singh

Satbir Singh, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Worldwide India, is judging Effies for the very first time. He said, “The Effies are purely and single-mindedly conducted to measure effectiveness of the campaigns. As a judge we have to be mindful of the strategy, the execution, the background and the effectiveness of the final campaign while judging.”


Mr Kakar summed up, “Effie remains the only award that awards the effectiveness.”


For the record, the Round 1 of judging was held in Mumbai on November 20 and 21, and in Delhi on November 24. The last leg of the judging process will happen in Mumbai on November 29.


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