Debrief: The Hindu: Powerful and entertaining

06 Nov,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Total winner from The Hindu. Not only is the creative kickass, I totally agree with the strategic intent.


The setting is a classroom. The professor wants the students to debate the rural development bill. One chap starts making his point, but is soon stopped by other students. Before you know what’s happening, complete chaos breaks out, with the students physically attacking each other. Exactly the sort of stuff that happens in the great Indian parliament. The best part is the ironic music track, Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan: ‘Vaishnava jana toh’. Message: ‘Behave yourself, India. The youth are watching.’


Superb! Many birds get killed with one single stone. The Hindu comes across as a paper that cares for India’s future, which by extension means it’s not a flippant daily. This sits well with The Hindu’s serious image. Two, the brand would like Young India to buy into it if the newspaper desires a future for itself. This sort of treatment youngsters will immediately connect with. Because it reflects their deep cynicism with the politics of this nation. Most importantly, the TVC is highly entertaining, you can watch it again and again and smile and cringe over the pathetic state of the nation.


Full marks!


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 5. Outstanding work


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One response to “Debrief: The Hindu: Powerful and entertaining”

  1. Nik says:

    I have absolutely no idea why this website has chosen you as the ad expert but I find ur comments totally biased. The Hindu ad has no connect whatsoever between the creative and the brand. You have created meaning from the ad maybe because you have liked it. Lastly, the state of the nation is not pathetic at all. State of politics and parliament might be…

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