Anil Thakraney: Your demotivated, ill-trained staff

16 Nov,2012

By Anil Thakraney


So, this lady ‘forgot’ to tip the pizza delivery boy. And the dude, not very happy about the gesture, relieved himself right at her doorstep. (Hope you have been obediently tipping all the Diwali baksheesh demanders!) Here’s the link to the story that’s funny when you are not at the receiving end of stinky yellow.


This incident set me thinking. Can we blame only the pizza delivery boy? To an extent, yes, and this also shows there are enough frustrated taporis all over the world. I actually see a larger problem at play out here, one of the lack of organizational training and motivation. If the pizza delivery boy had been a committed, motivated employee, do you think he would indulge in this or any sort of behaviour that would bring disrepute to his organization? I suspect not.


We may not be getting peed on as customers, but each one of has had horrid experiences of being treated shabbily by staffers of companies we do business with. Mobile phone companies top this chart. The social media is buzzing with tales of incompetent, rude, indifferent representatives. My own list is pretty huge. I have had my share of problems with auto companies, insurance giants, banks, hotels, airlines, you name it. There was a time I would blame the company representatives, but I’ve now realized that particular dude/dudette is only a foot soldier of a badly run organization. No point in losing one’s cool on them. Quite obviously, the boss has not done his/her job, which is to build, run and manage a happy, professional, efficient, driven team.


It is shocking how very little attention is paid to this critical function by many managers, when you consider it is the lower rung employees who are usually the first contact with the customer, and are therefore the face of the organisation. They behave poorly, you assume the entire unit sucks.


To all those heavily paid corporate leaders reading this: There’s no point in splurging all those millions on slick advertising campaigns, there’s no point in making tall claims in the ads, if you have failed to adequately train and motivate your task force. What is the use of all that big investment if your front man ends up peeing at my doorstep? Chew on it, buddy.




PS: Haha. Whites seem to have gone into mourning in America, following Romney’s defeat. Polarization of the US is complete. Not a good sign at all, I say! Check out the angry posts and the gloomy pictures.




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2 responses to “Anil Thakraney: Your demotivated, ill-trained staff”

  1. Norman Thomas says:

    Completely agree with you. These people are the showcase of the co. and should be trained well. “In service lies success.”

  2. Neeta G says:

    Guess the dude shuld have tried the other way round, Peed O/S The Managers office, must have served sum purpose.

    Buddy remember however frustrated Ur in head U can’t
    Brazenly do the number on your customer.

    Instead have the audacity to talk to the management about your cheeky Issues.

    Whether Ur Monetarily Deprived or Irked by some Schedule tribes working with you- Muster Courage talk to Ur Management and then If they don’t understand – Go ahead, Do Ditto to them.