Allen Solly dons Friday Dressing by O&M

09 Nov,2012

By A Correspondent


Allen Solly, apparel brand has been known for having redefined workwear through its ‘Friday Dressing’ concept in 1990s and early 2000s. It created a new category of Work Casuals. The brand’s core USP of Friday Dressing has held it in good stead over the last many years.


The brand had a very clear challenge in front of it. How to infuse a sense of style and fashion back into Fridays?


Sooraj Bhat, Brand Head, Allen Solly, said, “While speaking to consumers we realised a desire they had to dress up, dress well on Fridays. But they were not doing so as the code was to be very relaxed on Fridays. Relaxed to the extent of almost not bothering about what was being worn on Fridays. Interestingly though, for these consumers, Friday was the most exciting day of the week (start of the weekend) and hence at least they were most open to experimentation.”


“Working on the insight that Friday is a day of possibilities, a day when fun and play does a perfect tango with work, a day of celebrations, bonding at work and outside of work, parties and so on, our agency Ogilvy & Mather created a campaign to provide a new meaning to Fridays through how we should Dress-Up and not Dress-Down on the most important day of the week. The new campaign hence is aptly titled ‘Hot Fridays’,” he said.


The campaign was released nationally in leading dailies on a Friday. The media plan went beyond print and included two initiatives – Tweeple powered launch inBangaloreand unique website launch through 52 Friday Dos. The brand initiated a first-ever Tweeple powered collection launch; a live hoarding where tweets unveiled the collection and unravelled the launch campaign as more and more tweets happened. The idea extended on Allen Solly’s Facebook page, which has over half a million fans, where fans play the Friday Card game with each card in the deck of 365 with 52 representing Fridays. When flipped, the card unveiled a part of the new brand campaign.


“It was important to tell the young office goer that Friday is the most exciting day of the week at work and that they can’t possibly let go off a Friday, dressed in their coded casuals of jeans andTees. They need to ‘dress up’ and grab all that the action packed Friday offers”, said Simi Sabhaney, President – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising,Bangalore.


The brand is aggressively growing its retail. It has been opening around 40 stores every year- including this year. “We expect to close this year with over 170 exclusive stores. The last few months have seen several flagship stores come up including in New Delhi and Bangalore. We sense a fresh impetus on the brand – new identity, logo, aggressive investments into brand building, merchandise…they are all coming together’, said Mr Bhat.


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