‘A challenger always loves action’ – Avinash Oza, Group Dir, Brand Comm – Planning at DDB Mudra Max

18 Nov,2012

Avinash Oza, Group Director, Brand Communication – Planning at DDB Mudra Max is a rural marketing evangelist, and is exhilarated by bringing, and observing behavioral changes in rural audiences. Here he is in conversation with Ritu Midha of MXM India on what ‘thrills’ him most.


What has been the most pulse racing experience of your life?

My first flying sortie in ‘Ardhara’ tow glider at Raipur with Sqn Ldr Rana.


Do you remember being part of a thrilling escapade as a child? What would that be?

Trekking, mountain climbing and cycling, as a scout cadet. Cycling to picnic spots with Youth Hostel Association of India members.


Which of the extreme sports makes you sit on the edge? Or is it murder mysteries?

Rugby and ice-hockey.


As a professional what has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far?

As a rural communication strategist: when we bring behavioral change in the life of our audience.


In another direction, why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with element of thrill?

They are in the shoes of actor performing in the serial or movie and later the hangover.


Do you believe that in today’s generation even females are getting more adventurous?

Societal values or we have matured and accepted fact that there is something like “Right to equality” and females do believe if he can, ‘I CAN’.


What are the key entertainment sources for men in India?

Live concerts and movies.


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi?

Not sure as so far it has failed or has very less viewership.


Would Hindi Action TV be viewed by lower SECs?

Yes, a challenger always loves action.


Lastly, what is your definition of thrill?

Snorkeling and sky-diving.


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