The Anchor & Young Track by Samyak Chakrabarty: 5 brands that appeal most to urban youngsters

30 Oct,2012

What’s a 23-year-old writing a column on a site where the average age of columnists is… ? Ok, ok, we won’t reveal that number, but like it or not the youth constitute a majority of India’s population. Since the last few years, young Samyak Chakrabarty has been in and around media events and offices with his vision of how the youth can be targeted.


In this period, he has organized a few conferences, participated in several of them in India and abroad, and works as Chief Youth Marketer with the DDB Mudra group. He’s organized a TedX youth conference in Mumbai, was invited to meet Hillary Clinton when she visited India and has co-authored a book ‘Generation Einstein 3.0 – India version’.


Samyak’s column appears on Wednesdays and as the title suggests, it tracks the young – specifically keeping in mind the advertising, media and marketing fraternity – Ed


My team and I recently conducted a brand tracker to check as to which brands enjoy maximum top-of-mind recall these days. This of course has nothing to do with actual purchase decisions due to other factors such as price, availability etc. This survey is themed on the effectiveness of campaigns, presence at which touch points, core message and the overall aura. (This is not in any numerical order.)




Specific campaign: Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai


Why it worked:


1. Use of normal everyday students (as models) in all the visuals made it more relatable as well as appealing.


2. The sound track was easy to understand, fun to repeat.


3. It conveyed that as a brand, Airtel understands what the average youngsters needs from a mobile provider and will strive to deliver it.




Specific Campaign: College sampling (continuous)


Why it worked:  1. Use of good looking promoters and well designed creative collaterals.


2. Presence outside colleges at strategic times such as after exams, during college events or late evenings when students are tired and about to leave.


3. The TG gets to experience the product right where they are without having to go anywhere.




Specific campaign: Be Restless – Do More


Why it worked:


1. Shows like Emotional Atyachaar and Super Dude and their promotional activations keep the TG engaged – everybody watches it even if it is to make fun of it.


2. Their association with marquee music festivals like NH7 or David Guetta give an impression that the brand is an enabler of all cool things youngsters like.


3. The very tag line captures what youngsters are all about today and hence develops an easy appeal.




Specific campaign: Change the Game


Why it worked:


1. Football is slowly becoming a ‘cool’ sport to be associated with and hence the brand becoming an early adopter earned them a lot of brownie points especially when it been forever known to be only associated with cricket.


2. Like it or not, Ranbir Kapoor does have a considerable influence on guys as well as girls when it comes to brand endorsements.


3. Perfect timing in sync with the football cup which was being sponsored by coke. Yet – pepsi enjoyed more association to that sport amongst average youngsters (who may not be football fans but still think of it to be cool).


Anna Hazare (Shocked to see this name come up myself – but proves to be an interesting case study on Youth Marketing)


Specific Campaign: Anti Corruption Movement


Why it worked:


1. Anna is no longer one person, it personifies a mass demand for transparency and good governance. Youngsters no longer want to live in a world of economic uncertainty and populist democracy – hence this movement gave voice to what they wanted.


2. Inclusion of youngsters in the strategy and implementation of the entire movement. In marketing terms, youth became custodians of “brand anna”.


3. Effective and optimum use of social media. Rather than encouraging Facebook activism alone, they use the network as a mere tool to excite and ignite.


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  1. Tahir says:

    Though a huge ‘hauwa’ was created of Mananiya Sri. Anna Hazare, lacking point was mass specially youngsters didn’t know what exactly Lokpal Bill is ? and I Think still lot of us are not aware of what exactly it is. It was the cause who dragged them to participate in ‘IAC’ Movement. But gradually they are backing off because the solution to the cause i.e ‘Lokpal Bill’ is still not a clear picture. Thank you

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