The Anchor: Why Web Radio will be the next big thing

08 Oct,2012

By Rachna Kanwar


Digital music consumption: As music consumption on digital media crosses any other medium, web radio will gain massively from the trend. More and more people will turn towards web radio for music that has been curated by radio and music experts and saves them the hassle of searching for it. Web Radio equals uninterrupted music experience online.


Music discovery: Bollywood wary music lovers are looking for alternate sounds of music. On the net they can find this diversity, as there is no paucity of space. You are not restricted by genres or languages and can enjoy music be it Indie, Devotional, Ghazals or English. You’ll get your choice of music. Web Radio is and will become an essential medium of music discovery.


Artists endorsed: Newer artists are waiting to be ‘discovered’ on Web Radio. They are no longer struggling to get their music heard as Web Radio is providing a readymade platform that promotes new music and sounds. For the artist community, it will become a big draw.


Ease of access: There is a huge jump in web radio listenership at the workplace People are tuned into web radio at work as a background medium and apart from getting what they want they love the convenience.


Reach:  As Internet literacy spreads outside the big cities and towns, there is a growing trend of web radio listenership from small towns where entertainment options are limited. As web radio is not limited by boundaries, it will grow into a preferred mode of entertainment for an Internet savvy listener. And the pull of nostalgia will bring the NRIs.


Engagement: The level of engagement through RJ-driven shows will maximize the scope of the medium. It will provide the much-needed boost to the Internet revenues through the opportunities that arise from live interactions of the listener and the RJs.


Rachna Kanwar is SVP and Head, Digital Media and New Business, Radio City


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