The Anchor: Madan Sanglikar on 5 reasons mobile advtg delivers more ROI than conventional media vehicles

18 Oct,2012

By Madan Sanglikar


#1 No other medium in the world has the reach that mobile enjoys. While mobile implies reaching everybody, it is also targeted since mobiles are personal. Mobile phone is hardly ever an arm’s length away from us.


#2 The mobile is the only device they can own and use. Most of the population in India today does not have an access to computer.


#3 Mobile is an entertainment, communication, information device. from brand perspective, it allows the consumer to do anything and everything without moving away from the screen. various elements of phone work together.


#4 Mobile is actually clearing the gaps that the internet as an advertising vehicle had.


#5 As of today, mobile gives 2-to-5 times the response to even online advertising. The search level on mobile phone on lot of retail-based products, especially food-specific businesses, has already outpaced computers.


Madan Sanglikar is the CEO of ad2c.


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