The Anchor: 6 things marketers must keep in mind while opting for social media

03 Oct,2012

By Ambika Sharma


Everyone is on social media; we need to be present too! While this is true, what will work for your brand is probably unique to the brand. Rather than starting with “We have to have a Facebook page – let’s get one,” here are six questions you need to answer before you jump on the bandwagon.


#1 What social media activities are consistent with your brand positioning? Start with your brand, and then think of social media activities and platforms that will help enhance its positioning and personality. Choose your platform carefully; it should provide you with the freedom as well as the reach to be able to communicate with your audience effectively. If you have a service with a lot to say, then you must evaluate a blog and/or forums alongside the social networks.


#2 Set your expectations. What do you want from your social media presence, and how will it enhance your marketing initiative? It’s critical to list out and set expectations. This will be the first step to establishing not just the platform right but also what sets the tone of that platform.


#3 Does it fit with the rest of your marketing plan? How will your social media programme take advantage of your other marketing initiatives? Social media built on advertising or promotion activity or sponsorship events have a head start. Before creating an entirely new programme, consider how you will cross-leverage existing initiatives.


#4 Content is the king. Getting on social media is easy, keeping interest, excitement and relevance alive, but consistency is not so simple. Get a content plan in place. Research your consumer. What will keep him interested about your brand? Deep dive into your brand communication – what is the message that you want to reinforce? Marry the two. Keep it interesting, consistent, conversational and light.


#5 Guidelines are a must. Set your organizational guidelines for social media in place. It’s a good idea to get the buy-in on all stakeholders in place. What worked for advertising will not necessarily work for social media. Be specific, for instance: what will you do if an irate consumer is vocal on your page? What is the information flow? What is the escalation plan?


#6 How will you make your social presence valuable for your consumers? Social initiatives require a daily effort in customer delight and engagement. It’s imperative to have a plan in place that will chalk out a path towards the same.


Ambika Sharma is MD and CEO, Pulp Strategy Communications


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