The Anchor: 6 reasons why Apple is the hottest personal tech company even a year after Steve Jobs

25 Oct,2012

By A N Chorrea


Yes, if you thought that the iPhone 5 was good, but no great shakes, the announcements on Wednesday (Oct 23) should silence all those naysayers who believe the computing giant will lose its edge post Steve Jobs. Far from it.


1. Apple is more than a company that produces devices, it innovates. Look at the ultra-thin iMac. Amazing to trim the darn desktop so very much. Can you beat it, Dell?


2. The iPhone’s a bestseller. There are many who thought the iPhone 5 was not very dramatic… no game-changing features. They expected a lot, lot more. But it’s a bestseller with record sales of five million units already. Right, Samsung?


3. The iPad is better. Okay, if you are peeved about the new iPad being retired too soon after being launched, the newer one is smarter, and comes at the old price. It’s decidedly more powerful than others. What say, Nexus?


4. Android is a good platform and some of the devices running it are cool, but the security can be a scare as it’s the preferred system for hackers to intrude. Apple machines are a fortress. Any thoughts, Google?


5. Remember this is personal technology and not high-end corporate servers or even stockmarket terminals. Apple products are designed for you to fall in love with them. Okay Samsung’s S3 is sexy too. The Nexus appeared that when it was launched. But an Apple is an Apple is an Apple. Any one with any objections?


6. If you haven’t watched Tim Cook’s keynote, we suggest you go to the Apple site and watch it. Obviously it was rehearsed. But the one thing that came out loud and clear was the Passion. Not some corporate captain making a matter-of-fact speech. Cook could well have been selling you luxury jewels or an exotic holiday. Do you have it in you, competition?


A N Chorrea is a senior mediaperson writing under a pseudonym

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