The Anchor: 5 ways clients can get the best out of their agency

09 Oct,2012

By Anirudha Mukhedkar


#1 Intellectual stimulation

Keeping the agency intellectually stimulated works like a magnet. The best people in the agency will want to be on your business. Because great people love great challenges.


#2 Creative Sensitivity

This is not about creative freedom or degree of interference. This is plain, simple human sensitivity about a critical function that the agency performs. Great creativity is all about risk-taking. Which is why creative people can demonstrate belief and passion in their work. This can often get interpreted as pig-headedness. And it takes experience and sensitivity to be able to separate the two. Importantly, this does not mean that creative people or their work needs mollycoddling or tactful handling. Quite the contrary.


Inspire them with the brief. Show respect for their work. And be honest and consistent with your feedback.


#3 Financial Security

Fundamentally, your agency must believe that you want them to make a healthy profit. Clients who negotiate with an agency on every job might get the best deal, but are not likely to get the best out of their agency over the long term.


#4 Recognition

The agency business does not pay as well as it used to some years ago. The smart people working on your business could earn as much as double their current salaries if they were in a different industry. They are here because they love the work they do. They love the communication business. Their relationship with their work is more emotional than contractual. Words of praise, letters of recognition and public acknowledgement of the agencies and individuals work way better than any other incentive.


They will love you. They will always give their best for you.


#5 Expectation and Accountability

Apart from all the nice things that you can do for your agency, sometimes to get the best out of them you need to give the agency a well-defined framework to operate in. It is critical that you spell out your expectations from the agency and the individuals working on your business. This will help not only set benchmarks and define standards, in some cases will inspire your agency to exceed expectations.


Anirudha Mukhedkar is the founder and CEO of Plan B


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