The Anchor: 5 reasons why premium online video streaming is the next big thing in India

04 Oct,2012

By Pandurang Nayak


#1 The ‘screen’ is everywhere:

Technology has enabled true convergence of content across various kinds of devices. Your phone or tablet is also your television and entertainment device. Your television is also your internet device. With the proliferation of devices, users want premium content wherever they are. The users who have their handheld device as their first computer are already here!


#2 Appointment-viewing vs On-demand:

The days of people waiting for their favourite show at a particular hour of the day is fast changing. On-demand video lets users break from the shackles of appointment-based television viewing and decide which part of the day or night they want to watch their favourite content.


#3 Internet proliferation:

Better broadband speeds and network infrastructure has meant that even people in small cities and towns have a Facebook account, share stuff online with their friends and colleagues, read news online and do more online activity than ever before. Online video consumption for short-form content has grown massively in the past few years. The surge in internet access through faster network speeds, better data plans and increased awareness means that the time is here for premium long-form content.


#4 Shortening of the windows:

Content owners are wary of rampant digital piracy and the lost opportunity of making revenue in the digital streams with genuine content. This has led to shortening of the time it takes for new releases to arrive on digital distribution platforms. Content owners have also carried out bold experiments like doing simultaneous releases or releasing on the internet first, and seen some early success.


#5 Transcending boundaries:

The internet has always helped transcend boundaries faster. With the relative simplicity of streaming content via the internet, it is easy for content owners to take their content around the world. From the user’s perspective, users can get content from all around the world sitting in one place. This opens the viewer to a world of content that was never available before and thus creates an explosion in video consumption patterns.


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