The Anchor: 5 contrasts between independent agencies now and then

28 Oct,2012

By Ravikant Banka


#1 Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha

Independent agencies used to be client’s friend; there used to be love in the air every time the brand manager met the account manager, discussing approvals over a beer. But these days, friendship is dictated by the retainer and the love is traded for a brief.


#2 Do aankhen, baara haath

Multitasking used to be the name of the game. The account manager was also the account planner. Servicing teams actually came up with creative ideas. And art directors doubled as copy editors to make the copy sensibly shorter while the copywriter had a say in the 20-odd fonts to choose from. Nowadays, each function is excruciatingly well-defined while people wear blinkers and do only what is “written in the job profile”.


#3 Haath ki safaai

Artworks were a manual, methodical and a sacred affair. It took weeks to assemble the final artwork that finally culminated on the way to the client meeting (only later would they realize that the type-sets had fallen off in all the chaos). The chaos remains the same, but the artworks are a matter of a few hours on the latest-to-the-day software, open for innumerable changes till the client is finally ready to fly to Dubai.


#4 Stock mein hai kya?

Visuals were ‘created’ by visualisers who either drew them or clicked them the way they wanted them to look. Today, stock images dictate our ideas and layouts.


#5 Commission vs confusion

Then: 15 percent commission, 85 percent confusion. Now: The commission is decreasing and …


Ravikant Banka is a Mumbai-based adperson


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3 responses to “The Anchor: 5 contrasts between independent agencies now and then”

  1. Anshuman Nandani says:

    very valid points. but have there been any positive changes? as a student who wants to join the advertising industry, what can i look forward to?

  2. Mohit Shetty says:

    well said! well analysed!

  3. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    Haha…liked the allusion to bollywood and point no. 5!