The Anchor: 10 News TV faces one would like to see in the Bigg Boss house (and why)

12 Oct,2012

By A N Chorrea


We now know the 15 people holed up in the Bigg Boss house. Of course only two or three of them will last all the days, as we will see an elimination almost every week.


But what if there was one with just news television anchors, here’s a quick list of those we would like to see on the show (in alphabetical order of first names):


1. Abhigyan Prakash

Ever since I attended a star-studded birthday party of his in Mumbai a few years back, I have been majorly impressed by the man. His channel is not the #1 and he is not projected as the face of the channel, but he’s one who could well last out the 80-odd days.


2. Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami is a must-see face of Indian news television. Though we think he’ll either be quiet all the time (and not want to make a fool of himself). He will also want to be evicted early so that he can be back on the tube soonest. After all, India wants to know!


3. Ashutosh

The man who knows most about the Anna Hazare movement is sure to engage everyone into some heated discussions on Bigg Boss… on politics and his views on what should be done for the country.


4. Barkha Dutt

News television’s first lady may have escaped the Radia controversy, but has been lying low ever since. The Bigg Boss role could well see her get back her lost equity.


5. Deepak Chaurasia

The most colourful editor on news television is also one of its most connected. He’s a necessary force to have around to keep the house in check.


6. Mini Menon

Okay, she’s not here because we needed one more lady to keep Barkha company. La Dutt is enough match for all the men. But she can possibly give the Bigg Boss house and show a slightly different, classy flavour.


7. Rahul Kanwal

As the TV Today network’s most visible face, he is a natural choice for the house, but we doubt if he’s going to want to miss on the news TV lights for too long.


8. Rajdeep Sardesai

As the seniormost member of the house, he’s going to ensure that everyone feels at home, but given all that’s happening in the political world, one doubts whether you want to see him holed up in for too long.


9. Shrivardhan Trivedi

The man who scares us all with Sansani on ABP News, but also the man who will add the necessary colour to the house given that he’s one of the more popular faces on news TV, so what if it’s essentially a group of editors around.


10. Udayan Mukherjee

There’s much too much happening in the market for business news TV’s Amitabh Bachchan to be out in Bigg Boss, but this is just a hypothetical list after all. Would be interesting though to see how well Udayan mingles with the rest of the gang.


 A N Chorrea is a senior industryperson who prefers to write under a pseudonym


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