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04 Oct,2012

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On October 4, we had a story on whether Indian brands were ready to realize and value the impact of social media. Then a story tracking retail sales for Puja and Dassera. And our Deputy Editor picked her favourite videos to drive your boredom away.


In your Facebook, in your brand?


No slowdown in shopping! Retail sales up 50% with Puja and Dassera


The Anchor: Vidya Heble picks 10 videos to watch when bored at work (or not)


Good to Read

Why YouTube matters, and what publishers can learn from it:


It’s that time of year again, when we face an inundation of breast cancer awareness messages; but has it all done more harm than good?


Chuckle of the Day

A friend emailed us with this true story:

A customer from an IT business needed their company leaflets reprinted urgently. The older leaflet, composed and printed at some cheapo place, bore this slogan: “Our service dedicated 3.428571429!”


It was strange, these figures. When asked, the customer explained that the El Cheapo place had gone the extra mile and divided 24 by 7.


Tweets Of The Day

@sardesairajdeep: Yes, we in the media need to change the public discourse. Less trivia, more substance. Less ratings, more respect.


@madmanweb: How many of you have DPs that were shot 10 Kgs ago?


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