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30 Oct,2012

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October 30, 2011 was the last day of the loooong Diwali weekend. But the news of the day was that of the controversial Niira Radia shutting down Vaishnavi… we had a story the following day.


Niira Radia shuts Vaishnavi. Tatas switch to Rediff (+Edelman) for PR


Read of the Day

Random House and Penguin merge… images of book publishing mega-monolith loom… yet, for all the underlying worry, the book industry is apparently far healthier than other media segments battered by the digital revolution:


Laugh of the Day
Guaranteed guffaws:


Tweet Of The Day

@bombaywallah: I am going to miss Manish Tiwari on our television screens every night. Who will confuse the hell out of us from now on?


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