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19 Oct,2012

This Day, Last Year

From the MxMIndia Archives


Life’s not a box of chocolates: Cadbury set out to show that Celebrations need not always be festive.


Freaking News: How the English channels slipped on the Kejriwal broadside.


There are hundreds of brands on Facebook at any given moment vying for your target group’s attention. Do ‘Likes’ really matter?


Reads for the Weekend

Signs of the times: Newsweek is going all-digital soon: only_format_at_the_end_of_2012.html


And Yann Martel has apparently ruffled some feathers:


While the ugly subject of online bullying needs scrutiny:


Laugh of the Day

Understatedly brilliant.


Tweet Of The Day

@Suppandi: “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.”

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