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16 Oct,2012

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October 16, 2011 was a ‘no edition day’, so we bring you highlights from October 14. Around this time last year, there was much excitement about the Indian Grand Prix. We also  carried the story on Ashvini Yardi quitting Colors as also Dina Thanthi taking over Metro Nation Chennai. We also carried an interview Tarun Rai, President of the Association of Indian Magazines. And the anchor by Prathap Suthan, who also wrote many times ever since.


Grand Prix countdown begins

The countdown to the Indian Grand Prix has begun, with premiums on tickets and hotel room rates indicating the good response to the race.


Dina Thanthi takes over Metronation Chennai


Ashvini Yardi quits Colors

The Colors programming head moves on to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in film production.


Magazines deserve more: Tarun Rai (with video)


The Anchor: Prathap Suthan on 10 character indicators for an agency to dump a client


Read of the Day

Feeling wiped out even before the week has geared up? When someone says sanctimoniously, ‘You should meditate’, do you want to kill them then and there?

Then this is for you…


Laugh of the Day



There’s this joke we’ve heard:

Why are married women heavier than single women? Because single women come home, look at what’s in the fridge, and go to bed. Married women come home, look at what’s in bed, and go to the fridge.


Well, this reminded us of that:


Tweet Of The Day

@thesatbir: RT @rameshsrivats: If we gave +1 to every sensible remark by a neta, and -1 for every stupid comment, the current leader is Manmohan Singh with his score at 0.

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