Now a Lesbian & Gay radio station from Radiowalla

31 Oct,2012

By Ananya Saha


Internet radio is increasingly gaining prominence in India, but special interest channels are still limited. Internet radio service – Radiowalla has been aiming to provide a service that offers a variety of special interest-internet radio channels that indulge niche audiences worldwide. The service that launched in April 2012 globally, boasts of offering Internet audio channels (music and non-music).


In a conversation with MxM India, Radiowalla recently announced that it will be launching a ‘gay and lesbian’ station on its platform. On the initiative, Anil Srivatsa, Co-Founder and CEO of Radiowalla, said, “The gay and lesbian community is almost 30 million of the population in India. Is there a representation in any media for them? I wish to create a special interest channel for them.”


“There are so many pet lovers in the country. And they want access to information on how they can take care of their pets. And they are willing to pay for it if I give them expert advice. Today, the mainstream media is not representing these special interest groups,” said Srivatsa.


Srivatsa aims to make his internet radio channel an instrument to amplify passion, whether it be classical music or gay and lesbian community channel. “The gay and lesbian community has a need to belong, a passion to be mainstream but they do not have a voice among themselves,” he opined.


The channel will broadcast music and non-music programmes. The 24/7 channel will be subscription based, and will not depend heavily on advertisers. On the advertisers that might shy from coming on the channel, Mr Srivasta said, “While I want advertisers, my content creation will not depend on the monies from advertisers. I prefer my revenues from paid-on-demand.”


Going forward, the internet radio plans to introduce a Muslim station as well.



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  1. Phantom says:

    Hahah classical music to LGBT to pets… How much more out of context can this story get? Many conversations all put into one story can sound pretty out of context. Journalism is not as easy as it looks.