Jaldi 5 with Zafar Rais: Likes mean nothing

10 Oct,2012

Zafar Rais

01. Have the clients become more open to pushing boundaries when it comes to their social media strategy in the recent past?

Absolutely! Clients have evolved and welcomed social media. They are keeping themselves adept with the latest campaigns and case studies by brands and their competitors and are keen to do bigger and better. It is, however, up to their agency to provide them with the right guidance and conviction to invest in mindshifting campaigns versus basic presence management on social media. It’s only when you go beyond the ordinary that you truly can optimize social media.


02. Can you give an example of your recent work that is a perfect example of pushing boundaries in the digital domain?

We recently had a campaign on Twitter for Reliance 3G to announce the association with Google Android. We started this campaign on a Monday norning when people usually Feel Blue because of the start of a long week ahead and got influencers across twitter to interact by using the Hashtag, #FeelingBlue. As the day went by, we got the same influencers and more across India to join in and use the Hashtag in a positive manner, denoting how #FeelingBlue is now a happy emotion. As the campaign progressed, we go not just India but the world using the hashtag in a positive manner.


At the end of the campaign, the hashtag trended in every city in India, country-wide and worldwide until the next day. To add to it, the Reliance twitter handle trended too.


What we tried to achieve out here was for users to have fun and interact on the platform, while subtly getting the message across. The fact that the twitter handle of the brand trended too was an indication that brand outreach was created too.


While a lot of inhibitions was showcased prior to the campaign, needless to say, the Reliance 3G team and their partners were #FeelingBlue and excited after the campaign. This trend received 800 tweets in less than an hour. The contest held by twitter influencers for this campaign witnessed more than 4000+ entries. The campaign witnessed a total outreach of +8.1 Million (81,26, 612) Link to case study: http://www.slideshare.net/MindShiftInteractive/reliance-3g-feelingblue-case-study


03. There is also the campaign for Chetan Bhagat’s book, how did it help in ‘What Young India Wants’ reaching such phenomenal numbers?

We ran #18ThingsIWant campaign for Homeshop18.com in order to launch Chetan Bhagat’s new book, What Young India Wants. We decided to use twitter and get users to voice their demands. What followed was a gush of Indians who truly wanted to achieve something or get things sorted out in their Country. Right from abolishing corrupt politicians to getting high grades in school, the demands were aplenty.


The end objective: trended for 2 days while also drawing connect between homeshop18 and lead to a drastic increase in sales for the book via homeshop18.com. The campaign trended in all the Cities, India and Worldwide and it started trending in less than 15 minutes of its launch. It had a cumulative reach of over 1.6 million, over 1.3 million mentions and over 3 Lakh RTs. Link to case study: http://www.slideshare.net/MindShiftInteractive/home-shop18-18thingsiwant-campaign-report


Some other case studies that have become industry best practices are #ChappalMaaro , #KiehlsMumbai.


04. What are the keys to assure that a campaign becomes a viral hit?

1. Insights: Understand who your consumers and what they’re talking about. Create your campaign around that.

2. Brand Next: Don’t start a campaign with the objective of getting brand awareness. You’re on social media so think engagement. Your requirement to ensure your brand gets leveraged will follow naturally.

3. Innovate: Once you gain the right insights, evaluate the right trends your campaign will automatically start short listing as a new wave creator. Ensure a level of innovation and uniqueness by actually coming up with something that has never been done before.

4. Market it: As a social media agency, your role is to optimize the campaign beyond just waiting for it to kick start. Create the buzz through your klout. A Kolaveri Di didn’t get viral automatically!


05. If ‘likes’ don’t necessarily mean an active audience, why is it still so important for a client?

Unfortunately, a lot of people “sell” social media and that’s when the wrong numbers become a priority for clients. Clients and Agencies need to understand that the number of Likes means nothing if your Engagement ratio is poor. It’s embarrassing for a brand with 1 Million fans to have only 1,000 people talking about it. Tap on Targeted Fans if you’re in for the long haul.


(Interviewed by Tuhina Anand)


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