Jaldi 5 with Tripti Lochan, CEO-Asia, VML Qais

26 Oct,2012

Tripti Lochan

By Tuhina Anand


1. Does the tag of ‘Cannes Lion winning network’ make it easier for VML Qais to make inroads into India?

Winning Cannes Lions is a fantastic achievement – because being recognized for something like Cannes is a validation of one’s work. But in India clients are looking for our local portfolio as much as they are looking at what VML has achieved globally. To that end, awards are great – but equally important is the context of work you do in that market for brands that are recognized.


2. How do you perceive the Indian digital advertising space and the opportunities here?

The Indian digital advertising space is an extremely interesting place to be. There are fantastic opportunities, and brands that have global aspirations. But, digital is still at the “lets experiment seriously with it” stage. As brands get successful with their digital initiatives, we will see the real opportunities open up.


3. What will be your focus for the next year in India?

Continuing to build a solid company, hiring the right people, delivering against the promise we have made to clients, and ensuring that best practices from around the world are show-cased to our clients.


4. What is one factor that differentiates VML from others in India operating in a similar space?

It’s our insights-based strategic thinking. What we recommend to clients is based on real knowledge of what users want from specific brands. We create actionable insights through research that drives strategy. We have a full research team that does 360-degree research that drives strategy. This is our differentiation.


5. What is the biggest drawback in India that is holding back the progress of digital advertising/marketing making the most of its potential?

Frankly, India is like the rest of the world in its evolution of digital. The budgets put against digital advertising do not reflect the amount of time consumers are spending online. When this imbalance gains equilibrium, that’s when we will see the real potential of digital unfold!


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