Jaldi 5 with Nishit Tipnis: Elavia innovation delivered

12 Oct,2012



Nishit Tipnis

Nissan’s first attempt to break the clutter and attract the attention of more masses with Evalia campaign may have received more flak than appreciation. MxMIndia quizzed Nitish Tipnis, Director, Hover Automotive India on the campaign


01. The innovation has got a mixed response from the baffled readers. Do you think it will have a positive impact?

It’s a disruptive way of Innovation and this time we want to create an impact which was well delivered.


02. Which agency has designed the Evalia campaign?

TBWA India


03. Did the innovation optimize the cost?

Yes, it has, if you see we have not added any additional sheets to the main newspaper. The whole Innovation was done within the main edition.


04. Please share the thoughts that went behind the campaign.

We want to create an impact for the launch of our new product Nissan Evalia and the innovation has delivered the same.


05. Apart from print, what are the other innovations that Nissan has planned for the campaign? Which mediums will it be using?

You will see some really creative stuff in OOH and digital soon.


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