Jaldi 5 with Geetha Shiv: Family content can add to Bigg Boss eyeballs

09 Oct,2012

Over the weeks, media agency MEC has been forecasting how key television properties would fare with ratings. Last weekend, MEC announced that Season 6 of Bigg Boss, the flagship reality show on Colors, would see a growth over last year. We asked Geetha Shiv, National Director, Analytics & Insight why and whether the forecast stays now that we know who is in the house.


01. MEC has estimated the opening TVR for this season to be at 3.9 among All Adults, 15 years+, SEC ABC, All India which is 30 percent higher compared to the opening TVR of 3 in the last season. What are the main reasons for this? How do you think Bigg Boss’s opening episode will compare with other reality shows this season?

Bigg Boss has moved into the peak of primetime with a 9-10 pm slot in this season compared to 1030-1130 pm slot last season. Also the fact is that KBC clashing in this timeslot has not had a negative impact on Colors channel share. Viewer sampling for the initial episodes of any new programme and particularly reality shows will be typically high and over period the viewership will stabilize.


2. Now that the participants have been revealed, do you think the show will be able to grab enough eyeballs?

While there are some popular celebrities like Navjot Singh Sidhu in this season, Bigg Boss’ participants have never been mainstream celebrities. It all depends on how the plot develops and what happens in the house. Additionally, the fact that the content this year will be more suitable for family viewing can add to eyeballs.


3. What are your expectations from the Bigg Boss season 6?

Overall it should deliver better than last season, it is a better time slot.


4. With numerous reality shows on TV, what is the reason for them working?

Reality as a format has seen success in India. It is all around talent or bites of reality as in the case of KBC or Bigg Boss. There is always some winning-losing that happens between real people which brings in viewer interest.


5. How much of the Salman Khan factor will be a pull on television?

Salman Khan’s popularity has not declined since the last season. We will have to see how much and how he is being used to trigger viewership.


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