How I Unwind: Luke Kenny

26 Oct,2012

Luke Kenny

I would like to humbly consider myself one of those rare lucky people who gets to do what they love, in the sense that my work is my passion. So, as one may know, on a daily basis I work closely with Music and Films, being a contributory entity to both these fields in various ways for the past two decades.


Now in an age where film and music are the national pastimes, and a majority of the population use these two avenues as a ‘winding’ down technique, where does that leave me? On the one hand Music and Films are my passion and on the other hand they are my work as well.


So when the day is over (which in Mumbai city it never is) and I want to relax… I do it by listening to some music that I haven’t heard in a long time, or catch up with the latest films and TV shows.


Reading is also an interest, so books about film and music enter my mind space. Of course, I do love a good fiction story as well.


I love silent cinema, so I find a strange calmness in just sitting back and watching the images unfold in front of me while an appropriate soundtrack is unfurled.


The company of animals is also a great pacifier, The two cats that share my space act as a great deterrent from the chores of the day and are absolute family to me.


And at the time when the weekends roll around the city beckons again, the company of friends and dinners and dancing and music brings me back to the world of work and passion in equal measure.

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