Digitization in Delhi crosses 66%, 99% in Mumbai: MIB

22 Oct,2012

By A Correspondent


As per the data made available to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting by the Multi System operators (MSO), the level of cable TV digitization in Delhi has increased to 66 percent. It has been reported by the six private DTH operators that 9.45 lakh households have got DTH connections in Delhi as on October 9, 2012. This implies that 19.94 lakh households have cable TV connections. Adding a provision of 20 percent to account for multiple TV homes and TV sets in offices etc., it is implied that about 23.93 lakh subscribers require set top boxes. As per the data made available by the Multi System Operators, 15.88 lakh set top boxes have already been installed in Delhi.


Taking into consideration that the fact that figures given by the ministry have been questioned, the release from the ministry said, “During the initial stage of planning, the data was collated by the Ministry based on the information supplied by the MSOs. On perusal of the data, it was observed that there were grave discrepancies in data, particularly number of Cable TV subscribers in four metro cities furnished by the MSOs.” The Ministry has thus undertaken the exercise to base the data Census of India 2011, released by Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, which gives authentic figures relating to households and TV penetration in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.


The analysis of data received from the four metro cities reveals that overall 77 percent of cable TV digitization has already been achieved. City wise data shows that the achievement of Cable digitization in Mumbai is 99 percent, followed by Kolkata (73%), Delhi (66%) and Chennai (59%). Taking into consideration, the progress made by DTH in this sector the level of digitization goes up to 84 percent in the four metros.



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