Anil Thakraney: Criminal corporate world

15 Oct,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Readers of this column will be aware that I am not a fan of the PM. And that’s because the old man’s a silent sufferer rather than a kickass doer. And the latter type is the need of the hour in today’s rapidly degenerating India. However, MMS seems to have found his voice at last, even though it’s too late in the day.


He recently said that the anti-graft laws must include the private sector, and on this point I whole-heartedly support him. Whether this is the usual loose talk or whether it will actually happen is another story. Because this has been said before too, so it’s nothing new. However, two things are totally true. One, that post the economic boom, desi private sector CEOs sign cheques containing mind-blowing sums of figures, the financial muscle of India Inc is really, really strong today. And this makes it a minefield of corruption. Two, that there cannot be a demand chain in the world of bribery minus the supply chain. For every ghoos taker, there is a ready and willing ghoos giver, the seducer, and I am afraid the corporate world in India has been performing this role with much élan. Which is why crony capitalism has become rampant in this nation.


While I am small fry and I am not from the corporate world, and while I have done many misdeeds in my life, I can tell you with a great deal of pride that I have not bribed a single government servant in the last two decades. And I have still survived, my work has still gone on. Extrapolate this to a larger scale, and one will discover this is possible to do for everyone else too. If the entire private sector in India took a united stand that they will not bribe, am certain a whole lot of corruption would get wiped out from this nation. The onus cannot only be on greedy netas and babus.


So it’s all very well for social activists to hold andolans and target politicians and their sons-in-law. But nothing will change till the men in black get their integrity together. The prevention of corruption law must be redefined to ensure a long jail term for bribe-offering criminal suits.




PS: Here’s a cool way to make prospective employers get interested in reading your resume. And grant you an interview opportunity. Don’t know if this crazy method landed this dude a job with Google, but I would suggest you pull this stunt in India at your own peril. We folks sorely lack a sense of humour, and take life very seriously.




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