Anil Thakraney: Bigg Boss: Same chhe!

10 Oct,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Readers will recall I was not very approving of the idea of making the Bigg Boss house clean and healthy. Media reports had suggested that the channel, the producer and Shri Salman Khan had decided that the sixth edition would be controversy-free and would cater to family viewing.  Well, it’s been only two episodes (at the time of writing this) and I can already tell you that all the cleanliness talk was a lot of hot air. The stage is all set for ugly face-offs.


This is clearly indicated in the casting itself. Same old struggling television actors who would look for cheap publicity to revive their fading careers. A recently divorced couple… naturally there will be angst between them. A controversy-seeking cartoonist. A mad hatter hair stylist. The motor-mouth Sidhu. A raunchy item girl desperate for instant exposure (pun intended). And therefore what you can expect very, very soon is some really ugly exchanges, a lot of dirty dancing, blazing fireworks and many beeps. Exactly what Bigg Boss has been famous for in all the previous editions. So then where’s the promised hygiene?


Well, either the channel chickened out at the last minute, or the pre-publicity promise was a ploy to quietly slip the show into the prime time slot. Whatever be the reason, Bigg Boss 6 is the same old, same old fare. And that, if you ask me, is a wise decision, and I said so in my earlier post as well. Without the garam masala, this particular format just won’t work. Bigg Boss is targeted at the low-brow audiences, who look for machhi-market fights. And the current lot appears very keen and able to deliver on that front.


One thing the channel, Colors, will struggle with is this: Having moved the show to the 9pm slot, they will have to walk the ugliness line very carefully, and be ready to censor out a whole lot of goodies. Else, they will come under the scanner of the morality brigade very quickly, and risk being booted out of prime time. That indeed is the problem with Bigg Boss; Karo toh maro, nahin karo toh bhi maro!




PS: Haha. Wicked and edgy commercial from Virgin Mobile. Love their attitude. Because it helps an ordinary promise becomes super fun. This is the way to encash an irreverent brand personality.


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