Anil Thakraney: Bigg Boss ka Bigg Gamble

01 Oct,2012

By Anil Thakraney


This appears to me like the classic chicken and egg dilemma; Bigg Boss season six is about to begin, and I don’t know if the prime time slot has been chosen this year because the show promises to be a cleaner fare. Or, the show has been cleaned up because the channel wanted to move Bigg Boss to the prime time slot in order to improve the ratings and to net more advertisers. Either way, this is going to be interesting.


Reports suggest that host Sallubhai wanted a clean show because he was fed up of his extended family squirming over all the gaalis and the abuses that were being showered in the previous seasons. This, coming from the macho man who’s notorious for his violent tendencies, is quite rich but that’s not the point. The point is there’s no way this particular format will work with decent, self-respecting, honourable citizens inside the mad house. That would make for a very boring show, and therefore suicidal for the channel. Gaali galoch is the only thing that can keep this show alive, indeed that is its USP. Worse, this time they have promised to bring some aam aadmis and aurats into the house. Again, a big mistake. Entertainment television in India is escapist, much like Bollywood films, therefore over-the-top masala is very important. And what’s a desi reality show minus some known names? Salman is a host, he won’t be there most of the time. So he alone can’t pull in the TRPs.


Next problem, the 9PM slot. This is a huge gamble by Colors. This means the contestants can’t be naughty and nasty even when they wish to, as this is a ‘full family’ viewing slot. And I really can’t see that working. I suspect a number of viewers will stick with their regular 9PM soaps, which are anything but clean. Murders, sudden deaths, rapes, etc, they all happen in the fictional shows.


Anyway, I will be very keen to see what happens, I will be hooked in. My own hunch is this is the channel’s last attempt to get some adrenalin going in a dying format. If the new strategy doesn’t work, it’s good bye to Bigg Boss.




PS: Hehe. A must read article for all those advertisers and their ad agencies who target women in their ads. Clearly, they aren’t keeping in step with the changing world where there is no place for traditional stereotypes. In fact, it’s quite possible that with their unimaginative commercials, the advertisers might be pissing off the ladies instead of pleasing them.




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