The Anchor: 5 no-nos in the office. No matter what

30 Oct,2012

By Vidya Heble


#1 Stealing people’s food. This is the big one. You do not have to be the person who shares their food. It’s the era of portion control and diet selection. It’s fine not to share. But do not be the person who steals from the fridge, however tempting that salad in the unidentified lunchbox may look. Leaving aside the question of world famine for now, it is crushing to realize that someone has been boorish enough to eat one’s carefully packed food.


#2 Vocalising your aargh. It’s a stressful world, none more so than media and advertising. And there is this cutesy trend to actually say “Aaarghh!” out loud, growling the aargh. Don’t. It’s not cutesy, it startles people around you, and it shows you up as a loose cannon who may have a screaming fit any moment. Channel your frustration in one of many other non-disruptive ways.


#3 Brushing out your hair. It’s lustrous, long and lovely… and when you brush it out at your desk, it travels across to other people’s. No one likes hair straggling across their work, and god help you if it reaches a high-strung creative type.


#4 Being the sound-effect person. Clackety heels or – sometimes worse – flats announce your approach. Your bag is set down with a thump, both actual and vocalized by you. You sigh dramatically as you take your seat. You wonder aloud why the computer is slow and implore it not to die (a phone call to tech support would help). Everyone else is hoping you shut up soon.


#5 Spreading your mess. Whether it’s your meeting notes on scrap paper or the printouts from your slick presentation – no one will lurve them if you leave them lying around on desks other than your own. If it needs to be junked, put it in the waste basket or the shredder. And if you have the habit of carting your lunch or snack box to a colleague’s desk and carelessly leaving it there when you’re finished…  what kind of slob are you?


Vidya Heble is Deputy Editor of MxMIndia and – ahem – often works from home.


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