AdStrat: Tata Tea – Duties Big & Small

03 Oct,2012

Vikram Grover, Head, Marketing, Tata Global Beverages


Name of the Campaign: Tata Tea’s Jaago Re


The Brief:  To emphasize the importance of both big and small duties with the new Jaago Re campaign.  The TVC to bring alive the perfect blend of ‘Chhoti and Badi patti’ in the context of the ‘Jaago Re’ philosophy.


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Research insights:  Tata Tea’s award-winning Jaago Re campaigns have time and again awakened individuals and inspired them to be the change they wish to see around them. Making its debut in 2007, the campaign began with a television commercial (TVC) which showed a young man enquiring about the credentials and credibility of a local politician campaigning for votes before offering him a cup of tea. Striking a chord with the youth, the campaign launched a series of advertisements over the last four years that wove in the themes of awakening, enlightening and civic consciousness.


The creative process behind:  Tata Tea’s flagship brand Tata Tea Premium in its latest TVC touches upon the importance of fulfilling ones duties, however big or small they may be. Inspired by the Jaago Re! philosophy, the TVC plays up the fact that to make a serious impact, it is not enough to do only the ‘big important’ things like voting and fighting corruption, but that it is crucial to do what are often considered minor tasks like following traffic rules, that are equal in importance and impact.


The film plays out at a typical Indian home where the husband returns on a motorbike with two of his friends. The wife teasingly asks the husband if he is done with his day’s share of whiling time away. The husband replies with great pride that he just cast his vote and has thus fulfilled his ‘big’ duty. His wife, on hearing this, starts to prepare tea made merely of big tea leaves. On being questioned by her husband she explains that just the way the perfect cup of tea has a blend of ‘chhoti’ and ‘badi’ patti (big and small leaves), it is equally important that one gives importance to a blend of all duties, however big or small they may be.


Media Vehicle:  TVC led with 360 degree approach


Does the treatment do justice to the brief? Yes, taking the route of common man’s attempt to bring a change, the treatment does justice with natural performance which strikes a chord with the masses.


What is the differentiating factor of the ad? Lowe which has been working on the Tata Tea ads scores with perfect casting coup with people who resemble average Indians who inhabit many of our homes thus making the point of big and small duties much more relatable. Plus the fact that it’s a perfect match of social awakening that goes well with a cup of tea that somewhere is also akin to waking up peoples senses when they consume it.


Client feedback:  Our insight from recent events has been that while we as a country are getting deeply engaged with the larger issues that the nation is facing, we sometimes forget the small duties that we are expected to perform as citizens. The film builds on giving due importance to issues, big or small. The commercial draws from Jaago Re’s philosophy and blends perfectly with the product differentiator of Tata Tea premium which has a perfect blend of small and big tea leaves (chhoti and badi patti) required to make a perfect cup of tea.


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