AdStrat: Roma switches: The leader talks

08 Oct,2012

Raghu Bhat
Manish Bhatt

Raghu Bhat and Manish Bhatt, Founder Directors, Scarecrow Communications


Name of the campaign/ad: Roma


The brief: To make a point about Roma being the best-selling in the modular switches catgory in an effective manner.


Research: Roma is the largest selling modular switch by a distance and yet, very few people know this.


Key issues: The campaign uses foreigners as tourist guides and makes them speak Hindi, in their own distinctive manner, without tutoring them, and all of this adds to the enjoyment. Not many people know that Roma is from the Anchor Panasonic stable. This ad also seeks to address that.


Media Vehicles: TVC led


Differentiating factor: The TVC uses memorable casting, comic timing and interesting locales, such as the Wat Arun Pagoda, an underwater oceanarium and the lush green forests around Pattaya. There is a huge thrill in watching hi-funda foreigners getting bested by Indians. This is the layer that makes the ads even more fun.


Market / Client feedback: To establish the leadership premise of Roma without being too serious. It’s a bit too early to gauge, but the commercials manage to convey this message effectively.


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