AdStrat: Hippo – A World Without Borders

15 Oct,2012

Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairperson, Creativeland Asia


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Hippo – Flavours Without Borders


The Brief: Hippo has a child-like wishful purpose in everything he does. He is out there to outdo hunger as he believes that hunger is the root of all evil. Parle Agro’s new Hippo variant, World Toasties, comes in a range of international flavours that include Mexican Cheese & Spicy Jalapeno, Afghan Tawa Masala, Spanish Hot & Sweet Tomato, Thai Chilli Garlic, Greek Yoghurt Cream & Onion and Desi Chatpatta. So Hippo dreams of a world without borders that can also depict the different flavours that Hippo is launching.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

Research insights: Food has a special place in the heart of every human and, to a large extent, is what holds a society together. There are no superficial boundaries, divisions and limitations in sharing food with people from across the world. Creativeland Asia has taken this thought into the ad film launching Hippo World Toasties ‘Flavours Without Borders’.


The thought process behind the creative:

The campaign captures the thought that we could live the dream of a world with no borders by sharing our food and enjoying it together. The TVC seen through Hippo’s POV, is of Hippo’s journey to realize his dream of a ‘World Without Borders’ with ‘Flavours without Borders’. Hippo traverses Afghanistan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Greece, India, gathering signature flavours of each nation. At the end, we see people come together with openness to share as Hippo hoists a multi-nation flag with a VO ‘Hippo sare borders mita kar le aye hai naye world flavours, is asha mein ke ek din duniya banegi bina borders ke. Hippo World Toasties – Bhuke Mat Raho’.


Media vehicles chosen: 360 degree approach.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Making this film was an interesting experience as Ram (Madhvani) and I went on a road trip with Hippo capturing him sharing and exchanging munchies with people from different parts of the world. Thus real-life inspirations get translated into a storyboard for the commercial.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief? Yes.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? ‘One love, one heart’ the sound track for the commercial is a cover of the original soundtrack from one of the world’s renowned musical activists, Bob Marley.


Client comment: Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director & CMO, Parle Agro, said, “It’s Hippo’s biggest mission ever. And the TVC captures it beautifully. With Hippo, the purpose is to create something that will outlast the munchies in the pack. ‘Flavours Without Borders’ is an attempt towards that. This should resonate with Indian audiences who are culturally brought up in a seamless environment of many flavours of food; and food in India has always been a social glue.”


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