Vice-President Hamid Ansari lauds relaunch of Frontline

21 Sep,2012

By A Correspondent


“I may be forgiven for admitting that I am moderately conservative and tolerably radical – conservative in habits and radical in thinking. For this reason, I was less than enthused when the Shri Venkitesh Ramakrishnan met me with the suggestion that I attend today’s re-launch function,” said Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India at the re-launch of Frontline. The fortnightly magazine from The Hindu Group will not be available for Rs 40.


“I could not help recalling the old maxim don’t fix what is not broke. To me personally, ‘Frontline’ has always been a stimulant to the mind apart from providing good reading on most matters that I care to spend time on. The need for a remix in Bollywood terms therefore did not arise. Nor was there a need to replace persuasion with titillation,” said Mr Ansari.


The magazine was re-launched in the presence of N Ram, former Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, and Professor Romila Thapar.


“In today’s age, the audio-visual media has emerged as a dominant medium for quenching the thirst of the target audience for real time news on current affairs, culture
and entertainment. Despite this, there remains a real and popular demand for serious publications on topical issues which cannot be substituted by the ‘breaking news’ culture and short-attention span snippets in the domain of the electronic media,” Mr Ansari added.


The new Frontline will hit stands in October, and will have 150 pages.


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One response to “Vice-President Hamid Ansari lauds relaunch of Frontline”

  1. Rohit Bansal says:

    is the magazine “not” available at 40 bucks, if so what’s the new price? or was the intent to use the word “now”? may check. tks