The Anchor: 4 ways marketers can attract women consumers

21 Sep,2012

By Shivangi Gupta


#1 Sampling: Whenever there is a new product in the market, the best way to reach out to the target audience is through sampling and what better way than small sachets and miniature bottles to be given out as freebies for trial to the consumers. Women today would never buy a product without prior testing. They are highly influenced by word-of-mouth by peers, especially in the feminine hygiene care category.


#2 Brand ambassador: Having a face is one, utilizing the face in a way that the consumer relates to her is another key point. Pertaining to Clean & Dry, having a doctor (well-known) explaining the different stages she has gone through, will get a consumer to relate to her and seek a solution.


#3 Personalized sampling/direct marketing: A product with a personal note sent to a woman leads to making her feel special because a courier comes home for the male family members or most likely the working child. This is an innovative way to engage with the customer.


#4 Influencer outreach: Select a bunch of known women for a Meet & Greet activity with 20 top bloggers who can be addressed by a influencer (preferably a well-known doctor), spokesperson of the brand, select consumers, and women activists over a panel discussion. This, along with product sampling, can help in building the brand as well as help in reviews through influencers to make them key opinion leaders.


Shivangi Gupta is Director at Midas Care


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