The Anchor: CVL Srinivas on 5 reasons all media agencies need to be creative

17 Sep,2012

CVL Srinivas

By CVL Srinivas


#1 Media is part of the overall creative product – media agencies cannot be divorced from ideas and creativity. While a great amount of number-crunching and accountability measures can be brought into play, ultimately it is the power of the idea that makes a brand. Media agencies need to contribute to these ideas and not come in their way.


#2 The role of a media agency is changing from managing throughput to creating experiences. To be able to create experiences and not just deliver exposure for brands, media agencies have to think creatively about their business and their future. Otherwise media agencies will remain throughput engines and soon lose their relevance.


#3 Digital is bridging the gap between media and creative. If digital media solutions are to be effective, media agencies need to contribute as much to the creative as to the digital media strategy.


#4 The explosion of content is fuelling media solutions of a different kind. Today there are numerous opportunities to ride on existing content or create a solution through a piece of entertaining content. Media agencies are equipping themselves to deliver on this front. It’s like having a mini creative agency within a media agency.


#5 Given the high level of fragmentation and the mushrooming of specialist agencies, be it in digital or analytics or content, media agencies need to creatively tap into the ecosystem and work with partners to ensure that they stay ahead of the game. Media agencies can no longer live in their own siloed world.


CVL Srinivas is the Chairman, SMG India and Managing Director, LiquidThread – APAC


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One response to “The Anchor: CVL Srinivas on 5 reasons all media agencies need to be creative”

  1. Sagar Patel, Eggfirst says:

    While I agree to the basic point of being ‘creative’, but innovation for the sake of innovation must be discouraged. The Volkswagen innovation in The Times Of India, for instance. While my wife has preserved the newspaper as a collectible, when it came to buying a car, we looked at on ground realities, and decided against Volkswagen.