The Anchor: Ajay Kakar on 10 reasons why the A&M world needs independents like MxMIndia

10 Sep,2012

By Ajay Kakar


In an era when ‘independent’ agencies are the toast and talk of the advertising, media and marketing world, I am happy to share my views on the need and importance of ‘independent’ media in our world.


#1 All that you wanted to know but didn’t know whom to ask and more importantly, whom to trust:

In a fast evolving industry such as ours, there is a critical need to be on top of the changes and developments.


An independent publication like MxMIndia offers a single window to all that you need to know. And that too, without any bias or agenda.


#2 In the land of data, perspective is king:

While there is a lot of data floating around, at times conflicting, there is need for an independent perspective, that gives light to how the data should be read and understood.


An independent publication like MxMIndia allows the reader to make his own view and take-home, thanks to the professional and unbiased views of industry thought leaders.


#3 Dig deep, while also digging wide:

There are so many facets to our industry, wherein advertising can end up out-shouting and overshadowing all the other key though not glamorous disciplines like PR, Direct and media like radio, et al.


Independent publications like MxMIndia care to give focus to all the facets, with due visibility to the perceived underdogs too, a la MxM Radio.


#4 Learning from the gurus, while giving visibility to GenNext

The industry is blessed with a few superstars who have a wealth of knowledge to share, as the face of our industry.


But independent publications like MxMIndia have taken the lead to give a face and platform to the rising stars, who would otherwise get lost as a ship in the dark.


#5 The good with the bad:

There is a lot that can and still needs to be done to fast-track the evolution of our industry.


Independent publications like MxMIndia dare to remind us of these glaring gaps. Regular features from critics like Anil Thakraney, who don’t shy from calling a spade a spade are invaluable.


#6 The world, at your doorstep:

There are so many learning opportunities and industry fora, that only a few privileged get to attend.


Independent publications like MxMIndia open the world and minds of one and all, by their independent and unbiased coverage of events like Ad Asia, Goafest and Cannes. They play the role of our eyes and ears, as we learn from these platforms.


#7. Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab:

Technology now allows us the opportunity to link with one and all, on an online real time basis.


Independent publications like MxMIndia provide us Conversation dashboards, Twitter link, that help us to interact with Industry gurus and even publications like HBR, etc.


#8 Your own guard-book of the world’s best:

At the end of the day, it’s all about the work. And there is so much to see and learn from, that by ourselves we will never have access to.


Independent publications like MxMIndia provide an AdStrat section, which gives a strategic perspective into some of the best and greatest industry work.


#9 Who is who:

How do you keep in touch with news and views, of an industry as big as ours!


Independent publications like MxMIndia offer you a News section on brands and people, giving you a ring-side view to industry happenings.


#10 Predict tomorrow, today:

He who lives in the today, will soon be the past. He who can see the tomorrow, today, the future is his.


If I were to sum the role of independent publications like MxMIndia, in our lives, they empower us…by helping us to understand the today, while helping us to learn from the past and helping us to predict the future.


Ajay Kakar is Chief Marketing Officer – Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group


Editor’s Note:

He’s been our lucky mascot. Yes, Ajay Kakar wrote The Anchor on Day 1 of MxMIndia (The Anchor: 8 indications when you know it’s time to bid goodbye to your agency) and he wrote on Day 100 (The ‘Special’ Anchor: Ajay Kakar offers ‘100’ pointers MxM must remember in its journey ahead). And through this period he has contributed by way of writing or offering his views. Reason enough for us to have him (and only him!) write the Anchor on our first anniv.


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