The Anchor: 5 ways a radio station can attract more listeners

07 Sep,2012

By Rochak Kohli


#1 Be Here And Now – Topicality is the key to listenership. Radio is a here-and-now medium and one must stay true to its basic nature.


#2 Entertain – Radio should act as best friend to the listeners. Entertainment doesn’t mean being frivolous… Radio should be meaningful entertainment. It should inspire listeners.


#3 Utility Heavy – Regular utilities make listeners habituated to your station. They match their clocks with you, follow the roads as you say. Utilities are the easiest way of making radio part of the listener’s lives.


#4 Interact – Listeners always feel special when they hear their voice on the radio. They feel heard, and believe that they are also a part of the system. An opinion, a dedication, a debate will make them stay tuned.


#5 Innovate Constantly – Innovation always helps you remain fresh. It’s simpler to innovate in radio, as execution of an idea is instant. New benchmarks, surprise songs and new formats will make you the favourite.


Rochak Kohli is AVP Programming at 92.7 BIG FM.


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