The Anchor: 5 tips for holding a successful Tweetup

18 Sep,2012

By Zafar Rais


Twitter has emerged as a platform which enables targeted conversations with individuals who have a direct linkage to their brand or industry and have a high opinion within the platform amongst their followers. In order to leverage opportunities with Tweeps, marketers are constantly innovating, and one such activity that proves to be highly successful is the Tweetup.


Increasingly, this has also given rise to influencer relationship management as an individual business unit within social media agencies.


A Tweetup is a chance for like-minded individuals from Twitter to come together offline and interact on the basis of a chosen theme. It may act as a relaxed networking event organized by Tweeps or a new route towards launching a product and creating the right kind of buzz about it, through the right kind of people. Tweeps come together to use their collective wisdom and networks to create outreach and support during the event. A Tweetup is a great way for brands to showcase, sample and get feedback on their product or service.


So how do you ensure a successful Tweetup?


After organizing a bunch of Tweetups for brands such as Kiehl’s, Star Plus, BIG CBS Network, Karaoke World Championship, to name a few, these are a few of our learnings to ensure you don’t goof up your first one.


#1 Invite the right kind of people and not just Tweeps with a high follower base. The right mix is what gets you the right engagements and the right outreach. Influencers on Twitter range as per certain topics they constantly speak of. Gain some insights on their tweeting patterns and invite the relevant ones only. Quality over quantity is key here.


#2 Innovate by offering something different. Most brands adopt the same flow for every Tweetup. The key is to find something exciting or adopt a theme that excites them to attend it, as much as it excites you to organize something different.


#3 Communicate via an invitation that lets Tweeps know about the highlights of your Tweetup, the hashtag to be used and the venue. Ensure you create subtle opportunities for them to know about your product but avoid a hardsell. Influencers are intelligent and will communicate with their followers according to what they deem fit.


#4 Networking is key. Innovate by creating instances for your audiences to interact with other people, the brand and your designated hashtag. An effective session by a core speaker or industry expert gives the event a good start but after that, ensure that your influencer manager does his job of keeping them buzzing via fun games, live contests, performances and some alcohol too if the occasion demands.


#5 Take home evangelists. While it’s great to get your hashtag trending or to increase curiosity about what the hashtag you’re using is all about, a brand must focus on the influencers they have invited, ensuring they go back home as brand evangelists and have built a valuable relationship with you. Your ability to achieve this is directly related to the experience you create for them.


At the end of it, be warm, friendly and remember the key philosophy of social media – engage!


Zafar Rais is Founder & CEO of Mindshift Interactive


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