The Anchor: 5 things clients should keep in mind when engaging a digital agency

14 Sep,2012

By Kushal Sanghvi


#1 Treatment – The digital agency should be treated on par with traditional media. In today’s age, digital is as important as any other media and is a must. The client should realize that digital should be part of their media plan.


#2 Not a mere lead-generator – Digital today should not be a medium to just generate leads or a sales channel. It’s not a channel to get databases. You can get those from various CRM channels. The medium is a necessity today and should be looked at in a different light.


#3 Creativity in digital – It is not about putting a print ad or a TV ad on the digital medium. The digital agency should have the capability to come out with solutions that is unique to the medium and perhaps can be adapted and amplified to traditional medium as well. It is about co-creating creative messages especially on the digital which can then be taken forward.


#4 Respect – The clients should be open to see the changes that the medium is doing in other parts of the world. There has to be a wider view of the medium and the willingness to explore the medium to its maximum. This also would mean that they should have respect for the digital agency and their capability.


#5 Budget allocation – Clients should make budget allocations for the digital medium at the very outset when doing their media plan. Digital is a part of the 360-degree communication offering and should not be seen as an afterthought.


Kushal Sanghvi is the CEO of Span Digital


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