The Anchor: 5 reasons mobile games will take over from PC games

28 Sep,2012

By Deepak Abbot


#1 Mobility: One of the major reasons for mobile games to take over is the ease of accessibility. You don’t need to depend on a computer to provide entertainment. Mobile games offer you engagement on-the-go and instantly. So, while you are travelling or commuting you can still play games on your mobile unlike PCs.


#2 Reach: The reach of a mobile phone is far better than that of computers. Owning a mobile phone is a common trend because of the range in terms of price. Not everybody owns a PC. Therefore, the reach of mobile games because of accessibility is much better.


#3 Cost-effectiveness: India is a very price-sensitive nation. PCs are still a niche market. They are not present in every household. Whereas a mobile game comes for as cheap as Rs 5 a game, and with the current ad wrap models most popular games are available free to the consumer. This is not the case with PCs.


#4 Content type: The content available on mobile phones is very snappy and snacky. Gamers have a variety of options to choose from. Also, the games available on mobile are easy to use and do not require the user to be very tech-savvy.


#5 Internet and technology explosion: With the current 3G and 4G boom, everything that you could once access on PCs or laptops can now be accessed on one’s mobile. Also, with technology being on an all-time rise, the handset and smart device rates have become extremely affordable.


Deepak Abbot is Head – Product, Reliance Entertainment Digital


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